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Image Consultant

Michelle T. Sterling, AICI, Founder of Global Image Group and expert on image, impression and impact.

Communication Coach

LeeAundra Temescu, Founder of The Contrary Public Speaker, expert on executive communication and public speaking skills.

In a technologically sophisticated, performance driven and bottom line oriented society, success in business today also depends on the mastery of "soft skills." How you present yourself and the substance of your communication speaks volumes about your credibility. In response to this need Global Image Group and The Contrary Public Speaker have formed a strategic alliance to help business professionals develop the true meaning of executive presence through our Executive Impact program.

Through extensive research and time-tested methodologies, these two nationally recognized authorities have proven that the core of executive presence combines style, communication, influence, behavior and power to create a positive and memorable impression and impact in business situations. This key combination allows professionals to successfully convey their knowledge, passion, and authentic self.

Executive Impact's™ unique program is an integrated approach that helps you and your employees convey authority, credibility, confidence and competence in all business situations. This program combines the essential nature of both style and substance which has resulted in top performing management teams who excel in the business world with this competitive edge.

The Executive Impact™ 2-Day Interactive Program will help you and/ or your team of professionals:

  • Develop a positive and lasting first impression
  • Perfect your understanding of industry appropriate business attire using The Style Scale System and define your own personal style
  • Discover the psychological effect of color and use it to your advantage
  • Implement the guidelines of confident dressing and dress for the position you want, not the one you have
  • Package and promotion yourself through positioning and presentation
  • Hone your image and impression management skills
  • Cultivate exceptional business and social graces
  • Discover your authentic voice, your speaking style
  • Leverage the strengths of your speaking style
  • Develop a clear, focused, and compelling core message
  • Understand your audience and get the information you need
  • Organize and write a speech that compels your audience to act
  • Deliver your speech with maximum impact, deal with stage fright and convey passion and credibility
  • Create and use (and not use) visual aids that enhance you as the speaker
  • Survive and thrive during the question-and-answer period

Contact us to schedule a one-on-one consultation or corporate seminar and discuss your corporate culture and goals. Our results oriented program will help you maximize your professional image, strengthen your communication skills and develop success oriented business executives.

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