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You may have hidden treasures in your closet and not even know it. Or you may know what you have, but not know how to show it. Global Image Group provides a personal, in-home wardrobe and closet analysis and audit that will have an on-the-spot, positive effect on your personal and professional life.

Your 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' Wardrobe and Closet Analysis will help you to:

  • Organize and categorize your wardrobe to maximize your clothing investment and support your personal goals and lifestyle.
  • Eliminate unworn and unwanted clothing that do not fit properly, are out of style or do not project your image.
  • Create new outfits from your existing wardrobe and use your accessories to enhance your image.
  • Ensure you have the appropriate and necessary wardrobe components for different seasons and occasions.
  • Suggest new items to purchase that will round out your wardrobe.
  • Pack your suitcase efficiently and stylishly for business and personal trips.
Global Image Group's Wardrobe and Closet Analysis begins with the client assessment form. This questionnaire helps us learn about your clothing style and needs. Upon receipt, we are then ready to assess your current wardrobe and customize a strategy that meets your specific requirements.

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