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Shopping is an art and a science. The artistic side of shopping allows you to express yourself with clothing choice, and subsequently a style that is uniquely yours. The scientific side requires you to strategize and translate your style into investment purchases. If executed properly, your result is a treasured and effective wardrobe with appropriate colors, mixes and matches, and clothing that makes you feel confident.

Global Image Group's 'What Not to Wear' Personal Shopping and Strategy service takes the guesswork out of how to shop, what to shop for, where to shop, and how much money to spend. Our personal shopping service will save you time and money because we pre-select the items prior to the consultation. To accommodate our clients, we will meet at the store, at home or at your office.

Global Image Group makes shopping quick, easy and cost-effective by:

  • Pre-selecting clothing and accessories to your specifications, needs, personal style and budgeting.

  • Discovering how to begin, build and broaden your wardrobe with a group of 5 - 12 pieces of clothing.

  • Maximizing the impact of your clothing expense and create multiple outfit variations by color.

  • Choosing stores and brands that enable you to create a distinct look that reflects your own style, compliments your body type, and is age and occasion appropriate.

  • Pre-determining your annual clothing budget.

  • Developing cost-effective shopping techniques.

  • Demonstrating how to make the inexpensive look expensive.

Our Personal Shopping service begins with the client assessment form. This questionnaire helps us learn about your clothing style and needs. We strongly advise taking advantage of our Personal Style and Wardrobe Analysis prior to the Personal Shopping service. This allows you to discover your true style, capitalize on your current clothing, and build a wardrobe that reaps success.

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