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In today's competitive job market and shifting economy, securing and keeping employment has become serious business. The way you dress and present yourself can have a serious impact on not only getting your foot in the door, but also staying in and possibly advancing your career. The days of casual attire in the workplace have declined so employees are paying careful attention to the way they dress.

Global Image Group's Executive Presence, Career Strategies and Protocol Finishing School helps you dress the part, present yourself confidently and make the impression and impact you desire. Our services will help you determine the appropriate approach for your career and goals by covering the following critical topics:

  • Positive First Impressions
  • Industry Appropriate Business Attire
  • The Psychological Effect of Color
  • The 30-Second Detail Check
  • Guidelines to Confident Dressing
  • Dress for the Position You Want, Not the One You Have
  • Powerful Introductions
  • Broadcast Media Image Development and Presence
  • Personal Packaging and Self-Promotion Through Positioning and Presentation
  • Perception Management
  • Exceptional Business and Social Graces
  • The 10 Secrets To Power
Our Career Strategies and Protocol services begin with the assessment form. Upon receiving the questionnaire, we will contact you to set up a consultation.

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