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Q: Why should I select Global Image Group?
A: Global Image Group is comprised of trained and certified consultants who conduct a thorough needs assessment before meeting your specific objectives. Our consultative approach is professional, considerate and responsive to your unique situation. To ensure client satisfaction and build self-confidence, Global Image Group takes your values, lifestyle, and occupation into account - all while creating a safe, fun and exciting environment. We educate you in the elements of image and design and transfer our knowledge so you can maintain your unique personal style independent of Global Image Group.

Q: What are the benefits of an image and etiquette consultation?
The benefits are far-reaching and long lasting. Depending on your specific objectives, the benefits can range from landing a new love to landing a new job. Results-oriented individuals and professionals know that in order to get ahead in life, image matters. It's not just what you wear, but how you wear it and what it says about you. It's not just how you act, but how you interact and how others react to you. Investing in a consultation with Global Image Group will be one of the best investments of your life. Read how Global Image Group's clients benefit from their consultations.

Q: How many clients have worked with Global Image Group?
Global Image Group is a worldwide image consulting firm, servicing hundreds of clients from diverse backgrounds.

Q: Who is your typical client?
Our clients are men and women from the ages of 25-65 and range from stay-at-home mothers to corporate CEOs. Many of our clients are single professionals who want to enhance their business and social lives by improving their image. Some of our clients include: engineers, bankers, lawyers, doctors, management consultants, entrepreneurs, real estate agents, sales and marketing professionals, military officers, network television and media personnel, entertainers and celebrities, and companies and associations.

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Michelle T. Sterling, AICI and Global Image Group assist clients in clearly defining their style, presence, and interpersonal skills for business, social and dating situations. Let Michelle T. Sterling, AICI and Global Image Group ensure you achieve your goals. We are image consultants, personal shoppers, personal stylists, fashion consultants, wardrobe consultants, style consultants, etiquette consultants, and communication coaches. We focus on image consulting, etiquette, personal shopping, communications, wardrobe development, image makeovers, and what not to wear.